About Us

For twenty-five years we have supported direct, digital, and marketing communications staff throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and in all sizes of companies including Adobe, Autodesk and Workday,  small consulting firms such as Red Digital Marketing and consumer products like The Dailey Method. 

Wayfinder Direct has focused on sailing as a metaphor for sales and marketing.  The name Wayfinder is taken from the early Polynesians responsible for finding new islands.  Leaving a safe harbor to find new opportunities is very similar to launching new products - many unknowns, frequent changes in the environments, and a defined goal that is challenging to meet.  Today, sales and marketing and competitive sailing require faster reaction, higher technology, and better teamwork.  We are here to support your team to succeed.

As in sailing we pay attention to detail, remain calm under pressure, and support our clients to outperform their competition.

Our partners are promotional products vendors, graphic designers, printers, web developers and list providers. These relationships, like those with our clients, are based on successful track records, mutual respect, and a strong commitment to customer service.


We are located in Marin County, California where Frank Burkhart, the founder of Wayfinder Direct, is the principle client contact.  He draws on years of experience in helping clients with projects from start to finish. A father of twin boys he and his wife can be found out on San Francisco Bay sailing and racing with their sons on their sailboat.