We Are Ready.


Why Wayfinder Direct?

For 28 years, we have had the pleasure of working with the best people.  It is our job to make their jobs easier by providing quality advice, products and services.

Our customers have target dates that need to be met.  Having a banner deliver to an event a day late is unacceptable.  We understand that delivery dates, quantity and quality must be met for each project.

How does a company stay in business for almost 3 decades - by providing the products and services that are ordered each time - on time, on budget, and the quality required.

The founder and CEO, Frank Burkhart is the prime contact.  It is his experience and dedication that have kept customers.


And why a sailboat?  Because the CEO is an avid sailor and racer on San Francisco Bay.  Sailing keeps life in perspective.  Always on his desk is this quote: "Life is a voyage in which we choose neither vessel nor weather, but much can be done in the management of the sails and the guidance of the helm."  Our goal is to give our customers a bit more time to pursue their own goals.