Your e-commerce site is receiving orders.  Now your customers are looking for shipping information.  By using Wayfinder Direct, the process becomes automated.  Orders are downloaded from your site, processed according the instructions your customer requested.  When the order ships, your e-commerce site is updated with items shipped, date and tracking number.  If you want,using your company’s name, we will also send an email to your customer with the shipping information.

Maybe you don’t want or need an e-commerce site. For event materials like brochures, logoed promotional items or signage, Wayfinder Direct will provide an online system for ordering materials.  Your staff will not need to track inventory, pull and pack orders, deal with the carriers – just login, place the order and we will prepare the shipment, contact the carrier and provide you with tracking information.


Whether you order items through Wayfinder Direct or provide materials, incoming shipments are received at our Northern California warehouse, counted and put into inventory.  Once the material is in inventory, it is available for shipments to your customers or events.