Order Processing

Web Order Processing.jpg

Have you had these any of these challenges?

  • We can't locate the stock for new orders coming from our e-commerce site
  • Staff is searching for packing materials, labels, trying to get orders ready for the proper carrier
  • Our tracking system doesn't allow us to give customers current status

Wayfinder Direct's process solves the fulfillment order processing problem

  • Orders are downloaded multiple times per day from your e-commerce website and processed by our software
  • Orders are printed with assigned part numbers for easy location of stock
  • After order is picked and packed, shipping label is created with your company name.  Carrier can be determined by least cost carrier or by specific carrier on order
  • After order is fulfilled and labeled, your e-commece site can be updated with date shipped, carrier and tracking number.  Your customer can also receive an email with shipping information